Why Do I See The Same Patterns & Experiences In My Life?

by | Jun 15, 2020

In Psychology, we know that your thinking effects your feelings, which in turn effects your behaviours. Yet we are often unaware that it is our thought patterns which filter our world. If we have fixed or core beliefs about ourselves that are often held subconsciously, then these are the ideas which will override anything we try to do consciously to change these patterns.

It has been discovered that 80 percent of the things we believe about ourselves were formed before the age of eight. That is before a child has the mental ability to discern or rationalize. Remember how literal children can be? With this said, it is very likely that a lot of our thinking is outdated and not even factual.

The only way to change your life for the better is to change what is causing it to be the way that it is. Therefore, take a look at your thoughts and opinions in the area of your life where you feel stuck. Are your patterns in relationships? Then look at what you think, feel and believe about partners, boundaries, love or what you feel you deserve.

Louise Hay has identified that the core belief for the majority of people is “I’m not good enough.” Could this idea be effecting you at work, in your relationships or other areas of your life? The good news is that this is just a thought and you are the thinker of this thought. So challenge your own thinking. Ask yourself, “Is it true and is it a fact?” “How do I feel when I tell myself this?” “Who would I be without this belief?” Remember, there is always more that you don’t know and aspects that you haven’t yet considered.

A new way of thinking opens up new possibilities for you and boosts your self esteem. The Law of Attraction is at work in our thinking. Thoughts have energy and like attracts like.

I suggest that you begin by planting new seeds in the garden of your mind and take out the weeds. Doing so will give you more personal power and a positive influence over just about all aspects of your life.

Once you discover and identify your thought patterns, you can then take action to change them. You deserve the very best that life has to offer.

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