What is Family Constellation therapy and why is this important?

Family constellation therapy helps you to identify and address any issues that you may have unconsciously inherited from your family dynamics, often looking at three generations back. Once I discovered this important work and the research behind this, it was like the ‘’missing piece of the puzzle’’ in terms of what can be causal in the subconscious mind. These epigenetic influences can show up as depression, anxiety, fears, phobias, obsessive thoughts, problems in relationships or even psychosomatic issues.
Even if you don’t know the traumas of your parents or early ancestors, you may have subconsciously picked them up through the energy that surrounds your family and what can be encoded in the DNA. This can also be changed.

We see four main subconscious themes that may be affecting your life:
  1. If you have rejected a parent.
  2. You are or were too close to a parent (merged or co-dependant).
  3. You have unconsciously identified with a family member, (who might have suffered similarly in some way).
  4. There was a break in the bond with your mother, usually early in your development.

Often, we have not made the connection to these patterns, however these subconscious patterns must end, so that you can have more peace and harmony in your life, health and relationships.

The science behind this theory:

Epigenetics in science, is the study of biological mechanisms that will switch genes on and off. Cells are directed by your DNA and in some cases, we have inherited trauma stored in the DNA that can be ‘switched on’ by factors such as stress, environment or reaching a certain age. While genes can play a role, they do not dictate your destiny, you can change gene expression.

Kerry Ressler, a neurobiologist and psychiatrist and his colleague Brian Dias, reported in Nature Neuroscience1. Their studies of epigenetic inheritance in laboratory mice. These mice were trained to fear the smell of acetophenone, a chemical scent of which has been compared to those of cherries and almonds. He and Dias introduced the scent, while giving small electric shocks to male mice. The animals eventually learned to associate the scent with pain, shuddering in the presence of the scent, even without a shock. The offspring (next generation) also exhibited increased sensitivity to the smell, shuddering markedly in its presence. A third generation of mice, the ‘grandchildren’ also inherited this reaction, as did mice conceived through in vitro fertilization with sperm from males sensitized to acetophenone. Similar experiments showed that the response can also be transmitted down from the mother.
Fear is learned and it can be unlearned at the subconscious level of mind.

Claire uses Family Constellation work if it’s necessary, to help you work through these issues if they are identified. This can be brought to light and addressed in the two-hour Family Constellation session, continued healing work and resolution is also achieved with the 6-session process to clear the patterns wherever they have come from and re-learn a new healthier pattern of response in your mind and the body.

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