Past Client Testimonials

t’s been around 10 years since I last saw her, but I’m writing this review because I still remember how much impact it had on me back then. I remember Claire as someone who is gentle, empathetic, nonjudgemental and felt very safe with her, would highly recommend.

J.L. ~ Calgary

I have been lucky to find Claire, Hypnosis has been a huge help in my life over a number of years. Claire is understanding, kind and patient and has an amazing talent for helping people.

I know many people who have benefited form working with Claire and cannot recommend her enough. .

E.L. ~ Calgary

I sought care with Claire to help move beyond some self-limiting beliefs from my childhood years. This grew into a process of supporting my vision of where I want to go in my life personally and professionally. I was amazed at how quickly I experienced shifts and letting go in the restrictive programming from years past. I was also very impressed with Claire. She is a highly educated true professional who connects in a personable and compassionate manner. If hypnotherapy is on your radar, you will serve yourself very well in seeking care with Claire.

M.W. ~ Calgary

Claire was a Godsend in my life! At a critical time in my journey Claire helped me sequentially with three major life situations – accomplishing an international pinnacle in my career, preparing for and recovering from a significant surgery, and with transitioning into retirement. Claire’s professionalism gave me confidence to trust hypnosis and her skills helped me immensely – in all 3 situations! Claire is a special, gifted person and therapist.

Rob ~ Calgary

I have used Claire’s services in the past and the most recent was for some sleep problems I was having. I had a number of sessions with Claire and used her ‘Sleep Now’ CD to help me relax while in bed. After about a week or so of listening to the CD I started to relax enough to start sleeping on my own without the CD. My thanks to Claire in helping me get through this sleepless time.

M.P. ~ Calgary

I started seeing Claire late last year for a few fears I had developed. I was hesitant at first but decided to give it a go as I had literally tried pretty much everything else. I had six sessions with Claire and I’m happy to report I no longer have the fears I once had. I’m so thankful for the work Claire does, she has helped me so much.

K.B. ~ Calgary

Claire is extremely professional and knowledgeable. She welcomes you whole heartedly and is non judgmental. I was dealing with abandonment issues and self esteem. Thanks to 6 sessions with Claire, I honestly believe I am enough. I have the self love and confidence I was lacking. I was given the tools to get through days that may be difficult. Claire truly has an amazing method, you are worth the investment in your healing.

T.L. ~ Calgary

She is truly a magical human being with a skill that has transformed my outlook so I can live a life full of abundance and joy.

I had been struggling with terrible panic and anxiety attacks for a couple years and I refused to use prescription drugs. I was keeping myself afloat with acupuncture and meditation but I wasn’t thriving with life. My symptoms started escalating and I was getting concerned it would affect my career and relationships so I decided to try hypnotherapy. I wasn’t sure what to expect but and from the minute I arrived, I knew I was in good hands with Claire. She was compassionate about my situation, listened attentively and made me feel comfortable and at ease. I was pleasantly surprised with how relaxing the session was, I remembered all of it and had a very insightful debrief with Claire at the end. By the time I left, I already felt a bit lighter.. it’s hard to describe how it works but it does. Following my first session, I noticed that my anxiety didn’t have the power it once had… and day by day, things just kept getting better and better until one day I noticed I didn’t even care with what used to bring me excruciating panic. During this time, I listened to the lovely recording that Claire provided to reinforce the work we did at the in- person sessions. That was many years ago and I’m pleased to report that I no longer struggle with anxiety/panic and I continue to work with Claire as life unfolds… she has successfully helped me work through divorce, breast cancer and overall self-love. Whatever life challenges you are working through, I highly recommend you have Claire by your side so you can quickly and effectively move forward with your life.

J.E. ~ Calgary

Claire is an incredible human being. I came to her with a lot of emotional pain and family related guilt. Claire was able to guide me out of the pain and guilt.

Working with Claire provided a window of clarity in my life that allowed me to be where I am right now. Today I am an emotionally healthy individual because of Claire’s help.

Claire is very intuitive and gets you right away. Her intuitiveness combined with her skilled practice provides the environment you need to heal. Trust is an important factor in therapy and Claire is the embodiment of trustworthiness so you can’t help but feel at ease and open up around her; which I believe speeds up recovery.

I.W. ~ Calgary

Many things that had been hidden in my subconscious relating to family and work were revealed to me thru my sessions with Claire. From then on many hurdles were removed and these relationships improved. So very glad I had invested in myself and in Claire for helping me.

D.R. ~ Calgary

Through a specific incident I started to experience a severe fear of flying that had a real, negative, impact on my life. I loved travel and out of nowhere I was afraid to do so. After a referral to Claire I went through six sessions and worked through the issues. Claire left me with set of tools to manage in situations that involved air travel. She was courteous, kind, professional. Highly recommended!

P.B. ~ Calgary

I’ve seen a couple therapists and counsellors before but Claire was the first person I ever went to for hypnotherapy. My friend does a lot of research whenever he’s diving into something and he recommended her telling me she was the best. I wasn’t disappointed one bit. First of all, if you’re considering hypnotherapy, I think the key thing is to make sure you are all in. Having doubts or being a skeptic will only hinder the process. Initially I went to see Claire as me and my girlfriend at the time were going through some major problems and I was starting to yell a lot in my sleep. Mid-way through the process I found out some bad news about the girl I was dating so things directed more towards healing from that. We did 6 sessions and were able to bring up even more past traumas, heal some wounds from my first marriage, and uncovered more barriers that were buried down in my subconscious. The biggest reason why hypnotherapy worked for me was the ability to breakthrough my ego and have my subconscious answer questions for me easily. Claire gets you to this point each and every session and easily guides you through the process every time. She really understands the human psyche and even the quick convos before and after the actual hypno session were insightful. I’m a much more laid back, calm and peaceful person these days. And my confidence level and acceptance of who I am has reached an all time high as well. Those 6 sessions were absolutely vital to my new state of being. I would HIGHLY recommend Claire for anyone looking to get past any obstacles in life. She’s the real deal.

Rick ~ Calgary

Suffered from strong IBS for close to 3 years. I have tried many other treatments before like Low FODMAP diet, anti-spasmodic and acupuncture; nothing worked. After 10 sessions of hypnotherapy plus self-hypnosis through audiobooks provided by Claire, I have recovered from IBS by 75%. Hoping to achieve 100% recovery by continuing the self-hypnosis sessions and using the “anchor” method.

D.M. ~ Calgary

I had gone to see Claire to help me through my social anxiety. In just a few sessions, I was able to be around groups of people comfortably, where before those same scenarios were nearly unbearable. I now able to interact with others without feelings of panic, and can actually enjoy the company of others.

My sessions with Claire have also benefitted me in other areas of my life I didn’t expect. I’ve increased my work output by a solid 30% because I can focus more on what matters in my life vs. the mental stress & second guessing myself. Plus, I no longer experience stomach pain after I eat, which I can now see was where I was holding so much of my anxiety.

I highly recommend Claire – she’s an expert at what she does and her work delivers lasting results.

A.H. ~ Calgary

I could write a book on all the ways Claire has helped me through hypnotherapy. In 6 short sessions she has improved my life a 100 fold. I had so many anxieties that she has helped me work through and even though it has been almost a year since my sessions (although I still listen to her audios often) I still surprise myself when I step out of my box and face an issue head on without the usual anxiousness that I had grown used to. She is patient, kind, understanding and can help you through your most difficult problems from extreme anxiety, weight loss, stop smoking to name just a few as well as teaching you how to love yourself again. I know several people that she has helped and highly recommend her services. I wish everyone could have the opportunity to sit and talk with Claire. Just one last thing…the hypnotherapy that Claire offers is nothing like the hypnosis one sees on TV. I was totally amazed at how relaxed she makes you feel and how miraculously your problems seem to fade over time where you don’t even think about them anymore. Thank you Claire! You gave me my life back!

G.W.R.O. ~ Calgary

My Hypnotherapy experience: I have overcome something I never thought I could. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and severe Clinical Depression. These were the things I would have said had someone asked me to describe myself less than a year ago. I let my illness take a hold of me so tight that I was blue in the face to crack a smile. I disinfectant wiped my baseboards after work everyday, had an anxiety attack if I felt crumbs under my feet in the kitchen, in so many ways my life was taken over by an underlying issue I was sure would never dissipate. I was bringing my issues to work as well as putting a strain on the relationship with the person I love the most and completely supports me. In seeing Claire, who has become a very special person to me, in the comfort of her home I was finally able to close my eyes and relax. Relax? Me? Never. I had something to look forward to once a week that meant for just one hour, I could think about myself in a new light, fabricate a new me. I would listen to my CD everynight and wake up feeling like, “GOOOOOODMORNING! Today will be better than yesterday!” I didn’t realize how much I was changing until someone who I worked with said to me one day, “I always thought you were pretty but your smile these days is ear to ear, you are truly beautiful!” 

At this point, after making changes to my attitude and a combination of other positive adjustments, I am truly content. I know who I am, what I went through and how much change just a few hours of my life spent with Claire could do to bring me to the person I am today. I am bubbling with positive energy and light. I truly appreciate her, and would highly recommend her services to anyone. 

N.W. ~ Calgary

Things are still going very good in my life. The overwhelming sadness has still not returned. That is 5 months now. Thank you so much it is truly amazing what you and Hypnotherapy can do. 

A.M. ~ Calgary

I had gone through 3 major moves to different cities because of transfers to progressively senior positions. By the time I got to Calgary, after commissioning a $ 6.2 Billion dollar plant I found myself feeling lost, unable to concentrate and had difficulty making decisions. I went to a Doctor regarding this as things were not getting better. The Physician I went to was very familiar with Claire and her results and within 10 minutes had referred me to Claire. After 3 months I can look back and say that starting to work with Claire has completely transformed me, not only to my past optimum condition but to a far better position.

D.G. ~ Calgary

Claire, I just wanted to drop you a quick hello, and give you an update. I just got back from Florida last week, and things went great! The flights went great, I slept through most of them, even on the small 24 passenger plane that looked as if it needed to be retired before I was born! As far as my outlook on life, I still have my moments, but find myself being much more positive! Thanks for all your help.

J.S, Calgary ~ re: Fear of Flying

We are beyond grateful and thankful for Claire’s hypnotic therapy. She coached us with love, compassion, and a deep understanding of all our problems. She was recognizing problems in advance and naming them before we could even say what they were. Her goal was to help us repair our relationship and our lives and she was successful. Our lives were changed, bad feelings, anger and resentment toward each other, reversed and gone. Claire’s skilful therapy helped to overcome my unhealthy jealousy. She helped my husband to become patient, calm and an overall great person. Now love and romance is back. We are as happy as at the beginning of our relationship. Our confidence in life and ourselves is back. The therapy was so successful that we decided to go beyond the course of normal treatment and treat “small” but annoying life problems: lack of patience to crafts, fear of night driving, memory problems and fear of heights. Amazingly, it’s all gone now. If we could, we would recommend her treatment to all of our struggling friends and unhappy couples. We are sure that it would save their lives and love. Thank you Claire, for guiding us back onto the path we had strayed from.

Mr & Mrs T ~ Calgary

Claire Bramham excels at what she does. She is thoroughly educated and experienced in her field, which makes her stand head and shoulders above the rest in her profession. I am extremely grateful for the help and guidance that she has given me over the years. She is compassionate and genuinely cares for her clients. I eagerly and easily recommend her as a Hypnotherapist!!

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Claire is a highly educated, professional and experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist. She thoroughly understands the amazing power of your subconscious mind and how to stimulate and awaken this amazing latent power within you. She will guide and teach you through her extensive training, on how to use this miracle mind power to help you on the path to healing whatever your concern may be!! Unlike store bought hypnotic CDs, Claire is able to create a custom fit CD to specifically target your area of concern… Well worth the money!!

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Claire you are truly gifted at what you do. This has been a life changing experience for and I thank you very much for all your help.

T.S. ~ Calgary

You are a truly gifted healer of the spirit and I am so grateful to know you and to have had you in my life. Thank you ever so much for all of your help, it is eternally appreciated.

C.G. ~ Calgary

Everything is still going great, the treatments have held! I have been working diligently at reducing stress and the need for control in my life, and I think it has made all the difference. Thanks again.

C.R. ~ Calgary

The results were immediate. It has changed my whole outlook on life and my condition. I know my fibromyalgia is still there but it has been improving along with lots of other parts of my life.

J.W. ~ Calgary

I was diagnosed with bi-polar depression but now I am free of all symptoms. This is the best I have felt in my life.

J.F. ~ Calgary

I’m playing the best golf I’ve played in 20 years!

J.K., Calgary

Claire you have been a delight in my life and I am so happy I met you. Your kindness and everything about you has been a saving grace in my life, I can not express the degree to which you have helped me.

J.R. ~ Calgary

I wanted to thank you for your help in my preparations for seven exams. I did very well on all of them and was even able to sleep during all that craziness.

J.L. ~ Calgary

Just to say “Thank You!” for your help in the 2 wonderful sessions that I had with you. I feel much more relaxed and “whole” and ready to cope with whatever the Universe is going to send to me.

A.W. ~ Calgary

Everything is going amazingly well. Thank you for the big part you played in helping me heal, I am blessed to have met you.

K.C. ~ Calgary

I listened to my CD – it is brilliant!!!!! It is EXACTLY what I need right now. Thanks so much for doing it and for doing the research to make it so ideal. Thanks so much!!!

D.M. ~ Calgary

This has been the best thing that I have ever spent my money on for myself. My confidence has soared and I have overcome my social anxiety. Thank you.

J.H. ~ Calgary

I cannot say enough about how much Claire and the Hypnotherapy session have helped me. I have suffered from pain in the past and now I have it under control. I have also learned so much on this journey. Thank you Claire.

J.B. ~ Calgary

Credit where credit is due. I noticed a positive change in my thoughts and feelings almost immediately and the benefits were cumulative. It feels like I have made a change for the better and that’s the way it’s going to be from now on.

T.W. ~ Calgary

I quit smoking after one session, this is great! I wish I knew about Hypnotherapy before and that it’s easy to change this habit once you decide.

M.D. ~ Calgary

I wanted to tell you we are both not smoking. Together we have managed to stop altogether. Your CD has helped enormously we listen to it daily. We both wanted to thank you for your support and encouragement.

T & G C. ~ Calgary

This process with Claire has opened up a fabulous world to me. I will be forever grateful for your help and sincerity. I feel like I have a lot to look forward to now. God bless you.

K.R. ~ Calgary

I knocked 10 points off my golf game and so I’m not keen on sharing this ‘secret’ with anyone else in case they get the extra edge too!

G.F. ~ Calgary

I suffered with insomnia for years and now since working with Claire and using hypnosis it’s as if I never had it. I am having the best sleep I think I’ve ever had and this is has also helped my mood, work and all other aspects of my life. What a relief!

J.R. ~ Calgary

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