How Can I Use My Mind To Help Me Address My Fertility Concerns?

by | Mar 1, 2020

There is no doubt that experiencing infertility is a very stressful and emotional time in our lives. After all the doctor’s visit and tests, if you discover that there is nothing physically stopping you conceiving, it may be time for some support and extra help to address any emotional issues that may have caused or contributed to the lack of fertility.

Many doctors often agree that 90% of what occurs physically has an emotional component and stress is often the biggest factor. The mind and body connection, as doctors, scientists and neurologists now agree, cannot be denied. Not only is the mind like the rest of the body, but the well-being of one is intertwined with the other.

Most of us are now familiar with the ‘placebo effect’ which clearly demonstrates that healing begins in the mind. There is also a ‘nocebo effect’ which reveals that if a patient believes the pill/medicine won’t work, then it doesn’t. So you can use your thoughts and emotions to help facilitate conception; you can literally think yourself pregnant with the help of tools such as hypnosis, guided imagery and visualization.

When we have an emotion or thought, it produces a feeling, which in turn creates a physical sensation. Hypnosis uses positive suggestions and imagery to produce positive emotions which result in good sensations in the body to aid in the conception process.

Recently a study on healing revealed that 6 hours of Hypnotherapy is the equivalent to 600 hours of Psychotherapy. When you are in these natural relaxed states your body goes into an alkaline state and as visual imagery is the language of the brain, there is a lot that you can do by using your mind to make this happen for you.

Your thoughts, and the way you perceive the lack of fertility are recorded in every cell of your body. Every cell in your body thinks and at every moment of your life, your body becomes what you think. Therefore, you are what you think you are and also you are what you are greatly concerned with. Unfortunately, by focusing on and identifying with infertility, we tend to create more of it.

By changing the way you think and feel, you can change the unwanted pattern in your body. Also be aware of your own beliefs about the trouble conceiving. Often we are told that our eggs are ageing or that we are too old and if we buy into these ideas we can create that outcome. It’s just a belief and it can be changed, there are plenty of people out there who can also demonstrate the opposite is true. Look to those people for inspiration and hope.

In reality, whatever your age, your body is actually many years younger. Most of your body’s tissues are under constant renewal, old cells are discarded and new ones generated. Each kind of tissue has its own turnover time. The red blood cells which travel nearly 1,000 miles through the maze of the body’s circulatory system, last only 120 days. These cells are constantly being renewed, in fact every day, 260 to 400 billion new blood cells are produced in the body.

Know that you can use the inner wisdom of your own body. When you cut yourself you don’t have to think about how you will heal or fix the cut, your body takes care of itself and you can use your mind to enhance your inner healer.

With the guidance and help of a skilled Clinical Hypnotherapist, you can be taught self hypnosis and imagery to help you do all you can do, to make this happen for you. We can access your subconscious mind, to find out if there are any issues that may be preventing you from conceiving such as fear, doubt and stress. In this peaceful and relaxed, natural state, you can clear these issues, gain more insight into how that pattern in your body came to be there and overcome any blocks or obstacles to you having the baby you desire.

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